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Branda Miller is the Arts & Education Coordinator at the Sanctuary.

She is dedicated to using art for achieving a more just and sustainable world.

Maya is an undergraduate student at RPI, in the Sustainability Studies program with a focus on Ecology. During the Summer of 2018, Maya volunteered with the Uptown Summer program, where she gave workshops about Grassroots Science, and helped the youth …

An artist and educator based in Brooklyn and Troy, New York, Ellie Irons works in a variety of media, from drawing to gardening, to reveal how human and nonhuman lives intertwine with other earth systems. Her recent work focuses on …

NATURE Lab enthusiast and WOOC correspondent Julia Cavicchi has been involved with the Sanctuary since 2016. This year, she is coordinating a variety of radio and audio mapping projects with the Uptown Summer youth employment program, focusing on stories of …

Bound at the shovel, Azure and Christian, permaculture artists and recent Manhattan-escapees, are focused on redefining value through service to community and ecology. They are motivated by visions of a future where wealth comes from acquisition of skills …

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Jul. 30
Spirit of the Suffragettes with Amy Rigby and Crys Matthews
Aug. 06
Spirit of the Suffragettes with NITTY SCOTT and Sammus
Aug. 13
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Spirit of the Suffragettes with Oshun and Mourning [A] BLKstar

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