July 13, 2021

Uptown Summer 2021: Week 1

The theme of Uptown Summer 2021 is YOUTH SANCTUARY: Environmental Justice, Healing and Hope.
This summer’s Youth Sanctuary is an exciting creative convergence around art, media and science. Activities include radio production and social media, environmental justice stewardship and urban gardening, community science and healing.
Beginning on July 6th, 2021 The Sanctuary for Independent Media welcomed a new group of youth for the 11th year of its five-week “Uptown Summer” program. The program provides a productive and engaging space, wherein each youth is welcome to share and explore their unique passions and talents. The Sanctuary is honored to begin this incredible journey of community building, healing, discovery, and empowerment with this collective of youth. The Sanctuary will share memories and reflections each week of the journey so that all members of our community may participate and be inspired by the meaningful work, progress, and impact of these youth through Uptown Summer.

All photos taken by Tara Bryan.
Urban Gardening & CSA with Collard City Growers

My favorite part of the program so far is… “being able to come knowing this isn’t your regular and typical job… we are learning and having fun and getting paid for it.” While at The Sanctuary, I feel… “open… like I can be myself.” The program… “definitely is making me feel better talking about things you don’t really get to talk about anywhere else… especially as a person of color and a female… and I’m learning a lot about Troy that I didn’t know.”

Jada (Uptown Summer Youth)

Youth Sanctuary: Radio

“I really enjoy the getting-to-know-you questions. Every time we go around the circle, I learn something new… it’s really good for building a stronger bond between us.” The Sanctuary feels like “home.” In the program, I’m excited for “the mural… to see the youth paint… they’ll be able to come back to this space and point to all their contributions to the mural, especially something that lasts for years… it’s a really cool thing to say you are a part of…”

Danielle (Uptown Summer Lead Mentor)

Youth Sanctuary: Social Media

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