Did you know that SanctuaryTV has almost 100,000 subscribers from all over the world? We take great pride in our outstanding event documentation, which is produced by both professionals and our team of interns and volunteers. In the case of Salif Keita, who is known as the “Golden Voice of Africa,” our concert documentation is viewed by millions! During COVID-19, our subscribers grew as we continued to provide a global audience with content that deals with the day’s issues.

As soon as they were made available, we began broadcasting videos on streaming platforms like YouTube. Our videos are not only documentation of events, they are documentation of the ideas and concepts central to our mission. They present to the world the many ways that art, science, and participatory action can promote social and environmental justice and freedom of creative expression.

Our archive extends beyond what is currently available through SanctuaryTV, with hundreds of events not yet accessible online. We seek volunteers and interns who can help us with our media archive, which documents two decades of events and Sanctuary productions. Those interested in media production, history, and social and environmental justice who would like to learn more about participating in this important endeavor, please contact us!

Salif Keita in 2017

Check out our archive of hundreds of SanctuaryTV videos! 

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We use art and participatory action to promote social and environmental justice and freedom of creative expression.

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