Podcasts: Local Government

Community Reaction to TNAC’s Meet the Candidates event

On Wednesday, October 16 the Troy Neighborhoods Action Council or TNAC sponsored an event …

Troy Mayoral Candidate Rodney Wiltshire, Pt. 2- Economic Development & Wrap Up

In the Hudson Mohawk Magazine’s exclusive series on the Troy Mayoral race, correspondent Corinne …

Troy City Council President Candidate David Bissember, pt. 2

Troy City Councilperson David Bissember joined HMM Correspondent Alexis Goldsmith to talk about his …

Madden, Part 1: Ballot Access, Economic Challenges, And Civic Pride

Since Republican candidate Tom Reale was pressured out of the race for Troy Mayor …

Troy City Council President Candidate David Bissember, P. 1

HMM correspondent Alexis Goldsmith interviewed city councilperson David Bissember on his campaign and issues …

Upstate Housing Ep.1: Laura Felts of United Tenant Association

We have a new show today called the Upstate Housing program which focuses on …

Troy City Council’s Anasha Cummings (District4)

City Council Member Anasha Cummings talks about the importance of voting in Troy, geothermal, …

1. Wiltshire: “Politics”

Rodney Wiltshire, running on the Green and Independence Party lines for Troy Mayor, talks …

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