People Power

People Power is the most important part of The Sanctuary for Independent Media!

Below are links that will bring you to the people that are honored for their great work and involvement with The Sanctuary:

Sanctuarians-Sanctuarians are the people that volunteer to help out with whatever needs to be done, from media and events, to cooking and community engagement. 

MediaCrew-The MediaCrew are the people that help film, edit, and work on all different types of media.

Community Collaborations-The Community Collaborations are the events and activities that go on throughout the Sanctuary, from the workshops to the performances that involve the community.   

Kitchen Sanctuary-Kitchen Sanctuary helpers are dedicated to the preparation and sharing of food as a catalyst for individual and community change. We make food art that nourishes, inspires, educates. 
6th Avenue Grassroots Revival-The 6th Avenue Grassroot Revival is the different activites that the Sanctuary helps out with throughout the neighborhood.

Interns-The interns are the people that come to the Sanctuary to gain the necessary experience in media, community involvement, and more for their professional resume. 

Uptown Summer Youth Employment - group of young adults hired by Renssaelaer Summer Youth Employment who work in the Sanctuary as apart of a community effort in North Troy

Artist Presenters- From filmmakers to musicians, peformance artists to writers, artists from around the country and world come to the Sanctuary to present their work and share their creative vision.

Youth Media Sanctuary-Youth Media Sanctuary are the youth throughout the community that volunteer with activities and events. 

Board Members-The Board Members are the core of the Sanctuary; the main people who edit films and put on the events.

Funders and Inspirations- We deeply appreciate the support of our funders!