Podcasts: Social Justice & Activism

Pam Mertz on National Stuttering Awareness Week

The National Stuttering Awareness Week is an observance in the United States for people …


Data Justice: Ingrid Burrington on Facebook

As part of his ongoing series on Data Justice, WOOC reporter Dan Phiffer spoke …


Tanya Stevens on The Empowerment Exchange

The Empowerment Exchange  is a peer support group program in Rensselaer county that offers …


Labor Talk: May Day

May Day is a worldwide celebration of labor and resistance. Labor correspondent Willie Terry …

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Alex White Plume on Apartheid Discussion

This Sunday, April 29th, Brattleboro Common Sense is presenting a discussion titled “Apartheid: From …


Talk Soup at the Unity House

Amy Halloran joined the WOOC crew to tell us about the new monthly event …


Plans to Change Food Stamps Requirments

In the upcoming Farm Bill, Congress is planning to increase work requirements for single …


Sarah Felman on “Healing Voices”

Sarah Felman of the Empowerment Exchange chats with WOOC correspondent Steve Pierce.  She’s organizing …


RIP David Buckel

Over this past weekend, the New York City environmental community, was shaken by the …


Labor Talk: Dan Cullen

Willie Terry is back with Labor Talk, his ongoing coverage of Labor Issues in …


Heather Davis with Julie Cavicchi

Julie Cavicchi spoke with Heather Davis at our Ruderal Ecologies Symposium about the event …


Jennifer Dorsey on March for Our Lives

Jennifer Dorsey, PhD and Associate Professor of History at Siena College, recently traveled to …


Labor Talk: 50th Anniversary of MLK’s Death

Willie Terry is back with his ongoing coverage of Labor Issues in the capital …


Heather Davis: Decolonizing the Anthropocene

Heather Davis, the keynote speaker of our Ruderal Ecologies Symposium, draws on work with …


Medea Benjamin on Syria

For our weekly peace segment, we spoke with Medea Benjamin, the long time peace …


Sembene: Father of African Cinema

Samba Gadjigo, director of the film Sembene about the father of African cinema Ousman …


Anita Stanley on Child Peace Week

Each Wednesday, we interview someone from the local peace community. This week we are …


Take Back the Night: April 19th, 2018

In the studio the WOOC crew was joined by Rachel Wilson from the Albany …


The Alt Weekly: 04-10-18

Luke Stoddard Nathan from The Alt Weekly joined us for his weekly news segment. …


Candlelight Remembrance Vigil: Urban Grief

In recognition of National Crime Victims week, Freedom Square hosted a Candlelight Remembrance Vigil …

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