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Podcasts: Food & Farming

Kitchen Sanctuary

Jonathan Segol on Kitchen Sanctuary

The Sanctuary for Independent Media has a history of bringing people together through art, music, community media, and, importantly, food.

Triple Es: Mangino’s Gourmet Market

In today’s edition of Education, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship, Rick Mangino, executive chef and owner of Mangino’s Gourmet Market Restaurant in Schenectady, New York, stops by…

Laughing Earth Farm

Small family farms are an important part of our community, and issues of sustainability are important to all of us who enjoy fruits, vegetables, and meats that are locally-produced.

Solstice Hill Farm

In this week’s Farming segment, correspondent Mark Russo met up with Kelly Schramm, co-manager of Certified Organic Solstice Hill Farm after her weekly market in Albany.

Collard City Growers:

What is aquaponics? And how hot is a greenhouse during a heat wave?

Community Meals At St. Paul’s

WOOC Roaming Labor Correspondent Willie Terry Special Report on Community Meal at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy.

True Brew Magazine

Some say that with the proliferation of online blogs, specialized news outlets, and digital …

Troy Farmers Market and Monument Square

Now that summer is here, the Troy Farmer’s Market is the place to be every Saturday in Monument Square…


Browns Brewing

WOOC correspondent Xavier Rene went out this last week to have a beer and …


Really Really Free Market

The Albany Social Justice Center hosted a “Really Really Free Market”. Dave Gunn, an …


Oliver Kellhammer on Guerilla Grafting

NATURE Lab contributor Kathy High interviewed Oliver Kellhammer, a New York City based permaculturalist …


Grafting Fruit Trees with Andrew Lynn

Christian of Collard City Growers chatted with Andrew Lynn, amateur orchardist, founder of Troy …


Farm Workers Bill

Tuesday, March 20th, the Faith Community came to the State Capitol as part of …


Collard City Growers: Spring 2018

Azeray and Christian of Collard City Growers joined WOOC correspondents to talk a little …


Square Roots Farmers

Berkshire County farmers Michael Gallagher and Ashley Amsden of Square Roots Farm have operated …


Albany Vegan Network

Sarah Shearer and Kimberly Hosler, the President and Vice President of the …

Adventure in Food Trading

Danielle Woodruff of Adventure in Food Trading

Danielle Woodruff, who works in procurement at Adventure in Food Trading, spoke …

Karl Hammer of Vermont Compost Company

Some of our Collard City Growers — Azure, Christian and Baby Ember …

Jessica Terry on Organic Certification

WOOC Corespondent Mark Russo interviews Jessica Terry about organic certifications at the recent Northeast …

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