Intern or Volunteer with Hudson Mohawk Magazine

What to expect as an intern or volunteer with Hudson Mohawk Magazine (HMM):

Your involvement with HMM will be tailored to your goals whether that may be creating a portfolio, getting access to information and people, building community, or learning skills that will be beneficial in your future. We take great care to ensure that these internships are mutually beneficial and allow a great deal of freedom in developing ones own voice and vision within our core mission. We encourage you to understand your personal goals and how we can collaborate in a balanced way.

Gabe smiles wearing a baseball cap, a batman tshirt, headphones around his neck, and the script in front of him

As an intern or volunteer with HMM, you can host, engineer, or produce content for Hudson Mohawk Magazine. As a radio producer you have the opportunity to create a series of interviews investigating an issue or theme of your interest.

A successful radio producer is naturally curious. You don’t need fancy tools to create radio; your voice is the most important tool. Radio is an instrument to connect with the community on issues that interest you. We will provide guidance and training in audio production; no prior experience necessary.

Benefit of Producing Radio?

  • Improve skills in speaking, interviewing, outreach, and articulation around ideas that interest you
  • Create a portfolio of work that you can include in your resume
  • Develop a network, and get access to people and organizations 
  • Engage with the community
  • Be a catalyst for change!

Get in touch my emailing us at [email protected]
Follow us on instagram and facebook @HudsonMohawkMag
Or drop by our open hours to meet some producers.

Intern series created for HMM:

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