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People’s Health Sanctuary Open House

December 3, 2022 @ 11:00 am 1:00 pm EST

A poster advertisement; describes the People's Health Sanctuary Open house. Text; people's HEALTH sanctuary OPEN HOUSE, free event (kids welcome) TOUR THE HEALTH SPACE, FOOD & SNACLS, BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS, DANCE PERFORMANCE. SATURDAY DECEMBER 3rd 11AM to 1PM. Describes the location, phone number, and what the people's health sanctuary is and it's purpose.

Where: NATURE Lab 2nd floor, 3319 6th Avenue

It is with great joy that we would like to announce the opening of the People’s Health Sanctuary! It has been a 3 year process, complete with construction delays, other obstacles, and oh yes, the pandemic.

We now step into the time to bring the space to life.

We invite you to come with us, to “walk while questioning”. We are holding the first in a series of Open Houses on December 3rd from 11-1p. We’ll have food, blood pressure checks with Dr. Tina Omorogbe of Chasing Health, African Dance with Olivia Frempong of LivFit, and childcare. In addition, we will have a “Dream Board” where we hope folks will help us dream together what it is we would like to see in the space. Be it a space for youth to hang, cooking classes, chats with a pharmacist regarding medications, massage, yoga, death cafes to dream circles, we’d like to hear! And if you feel like there is something you’d like to offer, please let us know as well! We look forward to seeing you and continuing on the path towards a communal health practice in the Troy and Capital District region.

Guest facilitators:

A head shot of Dr. Tina Omorogbe, a person of color wearing glasses with curly, short black hair wearing a pink shirt and a black blazer smiling for the camera.

Dr. Tina Omorogbe: With over 29 years of nursing experience, Dr. Tina Omorogbe is an experienced family nurse practitioner at Albany Med Health Systems. Born and raised in Nigeria, she migrated to the United States in the late 1980s to pursue a career in medicine. She obtained her bachelor’s in nursing, followed by master’s degree in nursing with a specialty in family practice from Sage Colleges. Dr Omorogbe completed her Doctorate in nursing practice from Chatham University in August of 2021, focusing her capstone on improving the knowledge of hypertension and medication adherence in patients with high blood pressure.

Her clinical knowledge, expertise and love for people has moved her to extend her passion out of the hospital walls and into underserved communities through her non-profit work. Founded by Dr Omorogbe, Chasing Health Inc. teaches underserved communities of color about high blood pressure by providing free blood pressure screenings and educational sessions at barber shops, beauty salons, cultural organizations, churches and schools both domestically and abroad. In January of 2020, Chasing Health partnered with Urhokhuosa village clinic in rural Nigeria to deliver a transformative community event where 90% of attendees had high blood pressure. Dr Omorogbe is married with three children and a grandmother of two lovely grandsons.

Olivia Frempong: A licensed fitness instructor, Olivia Frempong is the founder of LivFit. As she describes it, through LivFit she teaches “Afrobeat fitness as a way to connect my love for dance and movement with my love for my homeland and continent of beautiful Africa.”

Documentation of the event by Sina Basila Hickey:

A medium-skinned person with long black hair wearing a grey sweater writing on a poster, which includes other writing of what people want to see at the People's Health Sanctuary (some words are dance, yoga, singing, etc.)
Two people of color wearing matching white t-shirts with cartoon hearts in the center and masks, both each talking to different individuals. There is a poster board with several different health images and facts. They are seated in a small room with white walls and a floor-length window in the back.
A light-skinned woman with medium-length brown hair, wearing a mask and pink and black plaid shirt, is getting her blood pressure checked and filling out a form. Standing to her right is one of the people of color from the photo on the left.
Two people of color are smiling and talking to a light-skinned woman, all standing in front of a yellow wall and talking beside a table filled with images and other information.
Two light-skinned people are standing talking to a medium-skinned person wearing a pink blazer with a stethoscope around their neck. They are beside a table with all kinds of information listed around it.
A medium-skinned person with dark hair pulled into a bun is pouting and presumably explaining something to a person of color standing beside them.
Several people are gathered around dancing in coordinate movements, following an instructor/
We now see the instructor, a person of color, leading the dance movements with a decent sized group of participants.
A light-skinned person with a baby in their arms is talking to a person of color, who is reaching out to touch the baby.
The floor is covered in colorful play bricks atop a rug, and a light-skinned person with long brown hair is playing with a younger child, also light-skinned with medium-length brown hair. They are building something on the ground.
A group of children are gathered around a young adult holding a laptop, all of the children looking at whatever is on the screen. The back of the laptop is covered in stickers.
We see the table, with all kinds of snacks and food displayed, and a larger, clear image of the poster board people have been writing on. There are two people sitting int he corner, and two people standing to the right talking.
Two light-skinned people stand in a kitchen, talking in front of a stove full of pots and a window behind them. Both wearing masks.
A medium-skinned woman is signing something on the table that displays the images and notes. Behind them are several people all looking around.
We get a close up of the two on the right from a prior image, both seemingly happy to be talking and getting along.

We are committed to lowering the barriers to access for events at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, blind or low-vision, or whose physical limitations can interfere with a satisfying experience, let us know two weeks in advance so we can make appropriate arrangements.

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