People’s Health Sanctuary (PHS) is a community-led mutual aid health initiative, based in North Central Troy.  Our theory of change is based in racial and transformative justice to create a liberatory model of community health care for all.  We are located on the second floor of the NATURE Lab building, within The Sanctuary for Independent Media campus, embedded in the ancestral homelands of the Mohican people.  Our goal is to establish a central space to share health skills, provide basic integrative care, and explore ways to build networks of communal health.  The PHS is a space for gathering, sharing food, moving your body, working through grief, cultivating a sense of safety, and embodying a culture of care.  We know deep in our bones, just as our ancestors did, that our individual and collective health are inseparable. 

With the coming decades of radical change upon us, we propose less answers and more questions for how to reimagine a way of being that fosters health instead of a disease driven medical system.  We begin by finding each other.  We welcome you, and as the Zapatistas invite us, let us “walk together while questioning”.

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While our primary public health concern at this moment is COVID – and rightly so – make sure the common flu is not forgotten this year. Many of the most vulnerable are staying home to avoid exposure to COVID, raising concern that flu shot rates will be much lower this year.While the COVID vaccine is still not available to most, we do have a means of preventing tens of thousands of deaths from influenza. These two pages cover the all of the essentials on the Flu shot during the pandemic, as well as some seasonal health information that helps holistically:

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