Food Cycle

Collard City Growers also manages three other previously vacant lots including Freedom Square, an …

Story Harvest

One of our key annual food justice celebrations is “StoryHarvest: …


Carriage House

We have renovated a former carriage house on the lot, which is used as …

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The Sanctuary operates at the convergence of art, science, and the environment–the nexus of controversy in our hyper-politicized time. It’s vital, exciting, urgent…but not a safe position. We need your help! 

Fall 2017 Schedule

The Fall 2017 season at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy will kick off with a spectacular opening in October and run through December with events ranging from music to films to speakers.

"Dollarocracy" w/ Robery McChesney and John Nichols

“John Nichols and Bob McChesney make a compelling, and terrifying, case that American democracy is becoming American dollarocracy. Even more compelling, and hopeful, is their case for a radical reform agenda to take power back from the corporations and give it to the people.”

—Naomi Klein

When President Barack …

"Documentary focuses on gay activism of Jesuit John J. McNeill"

Documentary focuses on gay activism of Jesuit John J. McNeill
By Steve Barnes

As a socially conscious teenager in Ireland in the 1970s, Brendan Fay was encouraged by progressive ­minded forces in the Catholic church to protest apartheid in South Africa, human­rights abuses in Latin …

"Cedric Watson and Bijou Creole at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 4/19/13"


Cedric Watson and Bijou Creole at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 4/19/13


TROY – On Friday evening before the storm front rolled in, it was a warm, humid evening – kind of like springtime in Louisiana. And it was the …

"Troy Events Combine the Arts and Advocacy"



Sanctuary for Independent Media announces spring events

Troy events combine the arts and advocacy

By Nana K. Adjei-Brenyah

Published 2:07 pm, Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art and advocacy will meet this spring …

Story Harvest 2012 Documentation Page

Images and Video

Brenda Ann Kenneally’s Photos

This is the boat  in the parade through north Central Troy.







What Would Jesus Buy

Date published: 12/13/2007
Publication: Albany Times Union

Upcoming Events
Nov. 18
Be the Media! Workshop: The Art of Investigative Journalism with journalist Chet Hardin
Nov. 18
Be the Media! Chet Hardin “Inside NXIVM”
Nov. 19
NATURE Lab Workshop: Urban Sprout Entrepreneurship Incubator

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