Sustainer Campaign

The Sanctuary needs you.

The Sanctuary needs you.

Last year at this time we were scared the Sanctuary might not make it through the pandemic intact. Because of the generosity of people like you, we’ve held strong.

As the funding landscape continues to shift, it’s clear that the Sanctuary needs lots of small dollar donations from many supporters to keep us strong and independent.

If you are already a Sanctuary Sustainer, THANK YOU!

If you’re not already contributing to the Sanctuary monthly, can you become one? Please sign up for a recurring monthly donation of any amount.

Campaign Goal – 50 New Sustainers!

52 of 50

“Sustaining the Sanctuary” has taken on new meaning.

Suddenly, we are in need of your committed support with an urgency we never expected.

But we feel incredibly lucky that so far we’ve been able to keep up our work.

Now is not the time to slow down!

Close up of a small jar of honey being held by two hands. The jar label is hand drawn and reads "Troy Nectar"

There is so much that I can speak to that a mini video will not be able to capture. You need to become a Sustainer to feel like you are making a difference for the community.

And if you want to know where your money is, volunteer! Come and check and you will see.

You’ll get a satisfaction that only if you come and join us you’ll be able to feel.

Aileen Javier

Aileen Javier Community Outreach Educator & Sanctuary Board Member

It’s a safe place for free speech.

It’s a safe place to hear truth an the telling of truth.

And it’s a safe place to hear and see creative artworks that you won’t see anyplace else.

The Sanctuary is a beacon and stands out as a place where you can come to find out what people are really thinking and feeling.

Raona Roy

Raona Roy CEO of Raona Roy and Company

What’s important to me is their work with children, with the youth, with their families—they strengthen them, they teach them resilience through science, through arts, through finding out who they are, and what they want to be, and how to work through the issues of the day.

You can’t always be here, it’s not always easy for me to be here, but you can help us make the changes that you want to see if you can donate $5, $10, $20 a month.

Janice Pride-Boone

Janice Pride-Boone Pediatrician, Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, People’s Health Sanctuary Councilmember

The Sanctuary is a haven–for the immediate community in Troy, the greater capital region, and beyond.

I support the Sanctuary because of their deep commitment to independent media–the programming at the Sanctuary amplifies voices that are often overlooked through their media training workshops and the radio station. And they consistently bring impressive activists and performers to Troy that inspire me to do more, thoughtfully.

Melissa Mykal Batalin

Melissa Mykal Batalin Artist, Web Strategist & Designer, Sanctuary Sustainer

It’s a safe haven for people who need respite from the systems that surround us and sometimes oppress us and make life difficult. I know in my personal life, the Sanctuary has definitely done that for me.

Kristoph DiMaria (a.k.a. “Rags)

Kristoph DiMaria (a.k.a. “Rags) Musician, practicing clown, theatre maker, activist, and small business owner

It’s a place to call home, where ideas are encouraged, needs are met, nurturing and learning for all ages and all families. The emphasis on low income is a reason that the Sanctuary has meaning to me.

I hope you’re getting from this that it sustains us.

So if something sustains a community, and sustains an individual and a family, then it’s almost a duty to sustain it!

Bernice Elizabeth Green

Bernice Elizabeth Green Co-founder, publisher, and editor of Our Times Press

Supporting the Sanctuary will help make our clinic space into a reality.

This is an important time to support the Sanctuary because there are so many projects in motion that could use resources. There’s a building that is in construction right now, our NATURE Lab, your money could go towards our citizen science lab and also increasing our reach and programs for young people.

Resources go a long way at the Sanctuary. There’s a lot going on and it’d be great for you to support it!

Ariela Zamcheck

Ariela Zamcheck Family Medicine Physician & Sanctuary Board Member

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