January 05, 2024

Toshi Reagon – Living in the Circle of Creation

On this episode of The Rhythm of Rebellion, Taína Asili has a soulful conversation with the brilliant musician, composer, and singer, Toshi Reagon. Toshi’s unique ability to move seamlessly between musical genres and create melodies that carry the essence of human experiences has earned her a distinguished place among musicians and activists. A remarkable facet of Toshi’s career is her groundbreaking work, “Parable of the Sower” a congregational-opera based on Octavia E. Butler’s seminal novel, exploring themes of Afrofuturism and social change. Join this conversation as they discuss the power of collaboration, and the timeless impact of music in sparking transformation and unity.

Listen to the full episode at RhythmofRebellion.com or wherever podcasts are streamed.
More info about Taína Asili at TainaAsili.com
More info about about Toshi Reagon at toshireagon.com

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