December 15, 2023

Edisa Weeks – The Dance of Liberation

On today’s episode, Taína Asili delves into a captivating conversation with Edisa Weeks, a renowned choreographer, educator, and the founder of the multicultural dance company Delirious Dances. Edisa’s artistic journey is a profound exploration of dance, liberation, and community engagement. Edisa’s artistic vision extends beyond traditional performance spaces. Her artistic vision transcends traditional performance spaces as she actively involves communities, employing dance as a powerful tool for both personal and collective liberation. Through her groundbreaking projects, including the recent masterpiece “3 Rites,” Edisa orchestrates a unique fusion of movement, inviting participants to intimately connect with their environments and histories. Throughout this episode, Edisa generously unveils the intricate methodology behind her work, providing profound insights into their deeper purpose.

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