October 25, 2021

Human Rights Abuses are Prevalent in Petrochemical Industry: Report

Scientists, governments, and the public have increased attention to plastics in recent years, as the impacts of plastic pollution can be found in food, air, and drinking water around the globe. Plastic and petrochemical production also has major climate and health impacts. Yet, the plastics industry is booming at an accelerated rate, with more infrastructure being built in the U.S. to pump out new plastics every year. In October 2021, The Center For International Environmental Law released a comprehensive report titled “Formosa Plastics Group: A Serial Offender of Environmental and Human Rights.” Formosa Plastics is a case study of an industry-wide problem of human rights abuses in the plastics sector. HMM’s Alexis Goldsmith was joined by Jane Patton, Campaign Manager of Plastics and Petrochemicals for the Center For International Environmental Law.

The full report can be found at CIEL.org

Photo: facebook.com/ciel.org

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