June 09, 2020

Troy Rally for Black Lives (Complete Recording)

At the Troy Rally for Black Lives on Sunday, June 7th, the organizers offered Hudson Mohawk Magazine an opportunity to plug into the mixer and record the whole event. Because of the importance of the event, and because many people in attendance were too far away from the speakers to hear the message, we are posting the entirety, only lightly edited (to adjust recording levels). We will also be posting individual excerpts taken from this recording. Please note: because the source was a mixing board hooked up to either a single mic or a computer (the music source), this recording does not accurately reflect the sounds of the 11,000 people in attendance. Compiled by HMM Correspondent Dave Publow

00:00:00 Music
00:02:09 Intro
00:11:20 Libations w/ S. Neal Currie
00:23:26 Reps of Justice for Dahmeek
00:30:43 Anastasia Robertson — Account of several local victims of police brutality
00:36:54 Gertha Depas (Edson Thevenin’s mom)
00:40:50 Call to March and Announcement of Middle Section for non-marchers
00:50:03 Music
01:01:09 Aaron and D Colin performing excerpt from Whitewashed
01:08:04 Poet D Colin
01:15:33 Anastasia Robertson reads “Letter to Black Americans”
01:20:04 Official Attendance Announced
01:20:57 Music
01:44:42 Statement by members of Justice for Dahmeek
01:58:19 Poet D Colin
02:05:36 Jamaica Miles of All of Us
02:16:30 Fist in the Air
02:21:18 Danielle Williams
02:24:44 Poet Jade
02:29:16 Closing w/ Luz Marquez Benbow and Amani Olugbala

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