November 05, 2020

Multi-Generational Sharing of Farming Knowledges & the Revitalization of Traditional Agriculture

HMM producer Anna Steltenkamp speaks with Clayton Brascoupé. Clayton is a life-long gardener and farmer. He is also the Program Director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association (TNAFA), which is a non-profit, inter-tribal organization of Indigenous farmers, gardeners, educators, and health professionals whose mission is “to revitalize traditional agriculture for spiritual and human need, by creating awareness and support for Native environmental issues.”

This is the first segment in a multi-part dialogue with Clayton Brascoupé. In this segment, Clayton speaks about the mission of the TNAFA and why it is personally significant to him. Further, he speaks about the practices and ideals of traditional agriculture that the organization seeks to revitalize, as well as the importance of these practices for his own children and grandchildren. He speaks on the value of the quality time and the knowledges he is able to share with his family through farming.

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