November 07, 2020

HMM 11 – 6-2020

Hello Capital Region! This is the Hudson Mohawk Magazine on WOOC-LP 105.3 FM Troy and WOOS-LP 98.9 FM Schenectady broadcasting from The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy. Today, on the Hudson Mohawk Magazine,

Alexis Goldsmith speaks with Morley Musick about incarcerated individuals who are released from Riker’s Island without their belongings, including their ID’s.

Then, Spencer Keable speaks with Tianhong Mu about her research on the removal of PFOA and PFOS from water.
After that, on Indigenous Voices, Anna speaks with Clayton Brascoupe.

Then, on As the World Turns, host Erika Dulcinia (DUL-sin-EH-uh) Diggs speaks with meteorologist Hugh Johnson about California wildfires and our upcoming winter.

And to close out the show, we’ll be speaking with Joe Ritchie, Executive Director of Saratoga Sites Against Norlite Emissions, about next Tuesday’s Norlite Town Hall

But first, here are the headlines.

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