September 04, 2020

Fluoridation Nation – Part 1

Part one of “Fluoridation Nation” features clips from two webinars.
The first featured webinar was for the continuing education of medical and dental professionals and is titled “Patient Engagement about Fluoride and Fluoridation.” The webinar was originally presented in August of 2018 by Professor of Dental Hygiene, Meg Atwood, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Albany Medical College, Dr. Melinda Clark. The full webinar can be accessed via the following link:

The second featured webinar is from Fluoride Action Network. Their Research Director, Chris Neurath, details the available scientific evidence regarding fluoride’s developmental neurotoxicity. The full webinar can be accessed via the following link:

“Fluoridation Nation” is a radio segment series dedicated to presenting the whole truth about the addition of fluoride to municipal drinking water, a practice that impacts the health of 71% of New York residents, by hearing from both sides of the controversial topic.

This story is nationally relevant as the US EPA was recently sued on the grounds that fluoride poses a risk to the developing brains of fetuses and infants. This story is also locally relevant as the City of Albany does not fluoridate its drinking water, while the Cities of Troy and Schenectady do.

Tags: health, hmm

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