May 17, 2019

Reclaiming History Climate Change Town Hall Colonie NY

This is another episode of Reclaiming History with Lovonia Mallory at the “Climate Change Town Hall Moderated by Assemblymen Phil Steck of Colonie NY where he and members of an expert panel responded to a question about the fossil fuel subsidy. Panel members were Mark Bagdon, Dr. Cuicui Che Ph.D., Judith Enck, and Tobias Hess.
Video curtesy of “Fossil fuel subsidies: G20 spends billions to push us closer to climate disaster”- November 2015 A new report reveals that G20 governments have broken their climate promises, spending $444 billion each year to support fossil fuel production. (Accessed 5-19-2019
Music courtesy of CLIMATE & ENERGY These composers put climate change across the globe to music By Liz Core on May 11, 2015 Music Audio ( Accessed 5-19-2019 The co-composers, undergraduate Daniel Crawford and geography professor Scott St. George composed song using climate data to write “Planetary Bands, Warming World,” performed by University of Minnesota school of music .

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