June 28, 2019

6-28-19 Diani Drake Spirit Of The Suffragettes

The Spirit of the Suffragettes summer concert series and community resource fair will be launching alongside the seventh annual Freedom Festival on Saturday June 8th from 3-6pm, and then will be held in Freedom Square every Tuesday at 4-7pm from July 16th through August 20th, closing with the ninth annual StoryHarvest celebration on September 21st, from 3-6pm. For more information, visit mediasanctuary.org.

Here is Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Cassidy McCabe, with an introduction to present day activists and organizations in anticipation for this summer festival, the Spirit of the Suffragettes.

In this piece, Cassidy speaks with Diani Drake, an intern at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Diani is working on the archived videos and media from the Sanctuary’s past, renovating them to work with modern internet media outlets (YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc.), as well as creating her own works through the Sanctuary in video production and radio engineering. She also shares her thoughts about involvement in social justice work, and her inspirations for becoming more involved in years to come.

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