July 02, 2010

“Around Town: Graphic novels celebrated at Sanctuary”

Date published: 05/06/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Bob Goepfert
The Record

If your mother ever told you that you were wasting your time reading comic books, you might want to bring her to the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy over this Mother’s Day weekend. They are having an event that proves comic books can be intellectually stimulating.

On Saturday, starting at 8 p.m. the Sanctuary, at 3361 Sixth Ave. in Troy, is holding a 30th anniversary gala celebration for World War 3 Illustrated, a New York City-based comic book anthology magazine. On Sunday, there will be an afternoon of workshops teaching others have to form, create and publish you own political/social justice magazine.

Clearly World War 3 Illustrated isn’t Archie and Veronica worrying about dating. The social topics dealt with over the years have ranged from race to religion to sexual relations. On the political side, the magazine has confronted issues like the Tompkins Square Riot, the Gulf War, genocide in Bosnia and Iraq.  You can expect to soon see stories commenting on oil slicks, health care reform and continuing Wall Street corruption.

Appearing at the event are 15 members of the collaborative that operate World War 3 Illustrated.  They prefer the term graphic novel over comic book and as proof of the core appeal of the genre they point to number of films being made based on comic books.

If you’re like me, the first inclination is to think of comic book editors as angry young kids. The second impulse is to think snotty college kids. Both images are wrong. This is a group of respected and accomplished artists and thinkers who devote their skills to publishing World War 3 Illustrated without any financial remuneration.

Founding Editor Peter Kuper is a regular contributor to Mad Magazine producing Spy to Spy for the satirical magazine. Editor and author Sandy Jimenez is a screen writer and motion picture director. Illustrator/artist Mac McGill’s work is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

By now you might have figured out these are not dull people and the presentations will be as entertaining as there are provocative. Rebecca Migdal, who is the creator of The Yes Men comic strip, will offer a presentation using puppets. Seth Tobocman will project his comics accompanied with live spoken word and music by Eric Blitz, Andy Laties and Zef Noise.

Admission is by a suggested donation of $10. For information call 272-2390 or go to [email protected]

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