Why Build this network?

Take a look at this map produced by Diana Abadie and Dave Walker:

Heat map displaying asthma emergency department visits for 2017-2019 across Albany and Rensselaer counties in upstate New York. There pattern of 40+ visits per 10,000 population along the Hudson River.
Total Asthma Emergency Department Visit Rate per 10,000 (2017-2019)

We all have our suspicions about what is causing this epidemic but need more data to make our case. We already have PurpleAir monitors operating; we started in Troy and more are on the way throughout the region. You can see them at work on this dynamic map.

But imagine this kind of coverage in the NY Capital Region!

It’s a big project for sure but the good news is that it’s scaleable.  We can start with what we have and keep building until we have what we need.

Already a number of local environmental activist groups have signed on; we also have support from scientists at RPI as well as both Williams and Bennington colleges. Troy Mayor Patrick Madden, US Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, and US Congressman Paul Tonko have endorsed the project as well.

Whatever the outcome of this initiative, it’s the kind of glue that can bind us together in struggle. We are all fighting in our own backyards against a myriad of threats to clean air.  It’s ultimately the same fight everywhere, one that we have to keep organizing regionally if we expect to win anywhere…

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