Sanctuary Eco-Art Trail Schedule


  • June 17, 4-6pm Azuré Keahi, Medicine Garden: Earth Burial
  • June 24, activity table at Freedom Fest, Herbal Allies: Flying Deer NATURE Center, Emma Parrish Post with with Ellie and Azure
  • July 12 2-4pm, Art and Water Justice: Science for Change, Ipi Hernadez, Science for Change
  • July 15, 10am-12, Freedom Square Stockbridge-Munsee Sacred Stories and Song, Shawn Stevens with Stockbridge-Munsee Youth
    • 10-11 Shawn Stevens sacred stories and song
    • 11-12 Activities
      • Games with Emma
      • NATURE Lab talking circle with Rainer Posselt
      • Healing Balms from Collard City Growers
  • July 15-July 22, Art and Healing residency with Stockbridge Munsee pschotherapist/ educator/ community organizer Rainer Posselt
    • July 15, 11-12 NATURE Lab talking circle art and healing activity with Rainer Posselt, with ceramics artist Jillian Hirsch
    • July 18, Native Education: Water Justice Lab “Source to Estuary” field trip to Papscanee Island
    • July 21, 4-6, CCG Open Hours, nutrition or indigenous food activity
    • July 22, People’s Health Sanctuary Healing Day healing activity
    • Art and Mental Health workshop with local POC teens (includes making protest signs, march, ending in installation of signs on Eco-Art Trail
  • August 12, Margaretha Haughwout: De-Fence Drawing Workshop (will translate to sign posts), with Ellie
  • June- September, D. Colin, “A Sturgeon’s Purpose” story-panel mural project
  • Sept. 23 (date TBC) StoryHarvest
    • Ellie Markovitch, Story-telling and food
    • Bill Miller (TBC)
  • (TBC) Stockbridge Munsee Historical Committee research visit to Sanctuary 
  • Oct. 19, Petra Kuppers, disability march along Sanctuary Eco-Art Trail followed by dream workshop in Sanctuary
  •  (date TBC) Katsitsionni Fox, Indigenous filmmaker (date TBC)


  • (TBC) Stockbridge Munsee History Conference, organized by Stockbridge Munsee Historical Co. 
  • June 9, 2024 Brent Michael Davids with Albany Symphony Orchestra (potentially part of Freedom Festival 

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