Brent Michael Davids (Mohican/ Munsee-Lenape)

On Sunday June 9th, 2024, at 4PM, The Sanctuary for Independent Media will be hosting Brent Michael Davids alongside Albany Symphony within the Sanctuary Main Space for the culmination of our multi-year NEA Our Town Sanctuary Eco-Art Trail Project! Davids, joined by the Orchestra’s string quartet, will be performing his composition, “Last of James Fenimore Cooper,” in collaboration with the Sanctuary’s annual Freedom Festival and with the American Music Festival.

Brent Michael Davids is an internationally celebrated Mohican and Munsee-Lenape composer, and self-described music warrior. As an advocate for Native equity and parity, Davids places Native voices front and center. He originated and co-founded the award-winning Native American Composer Apprentice Project (NACAP), championing indigenous youth to compose their own written music. He uses indigenous instruments, including handmade quartz flutes, and pens performable notations that are themselves visual works of art. Davids is co-director of the Lenape Center in Manhattan, and is enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee Community. His composing career spans nearly five decades, with countless awards and commissions from America’s most celebrated organizations and ensembles.

Composer Brent Michael Davids wears a top hat over long, straight, black hair in the background, with a glass flute in front of the left side of his face.

Get a taste, or rather, a listen of what’s to come on June 9th, 2024 with the string quartet version of, “Last of James Fenimore Cooper.”

Via Miro Quartet, Brent Michael Davids. Copyright ©2001, Brent Michael Davids. All Rights Reserved.

The Albany Symphony Orchestra is a supporting partner of our NEA Our Town Sanctuary Eco Art Trail Project.

The Orchestra’s American Music Festival is a weekend-long festival of innovative concerts, new music, and artistic happenings around historic Troy, NY. The Festival traditionally takes place on the first weekend in June and comes to North-Central Troy for the first time in collaboration with the Sanctuary’s Freedom Festival on Sunday, June 9th, 2024, at 4PM.

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