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“Be The Media” Workshops, Fall 2013

The Art of Studio Portraiture| Dec 16

More than 500 free photos were given away to members of the North Central community by photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally on a beautiful day in December 2012 at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY! Funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” program.

“Be The Media” Workshops, Spring 2011

Youth Voices from the Garden | October 15

A digital storytelling workshop for neighborhood youth led by artist/chef Ellie Markovitch, sharing basic documentary skills and the art of storytelling, “From seed to table,” to document the Collar City Growers’ first harvest and StoryHarvest.

“Be The Media” Workshops, Spring 2010

Youth Media Live Studio Production | June 5 

Participants learned about and participated in a live 4-camera production studio shoot of a real event featuring NY youth media makers. 

Visual Journalism: Comics and Graphic Novels | May 9 

An arts activism intensive with members of the World War Three Illustrated collective, including a discussion on zines and comix, and a hands-on collaborative workshop to make a digital mini-comic.

The Camera as Interface to the World | April 18  

Explore the discipline of seeing, the subconscious of the camera through your personal vision, through observational and experimental practice, for beginners to pros. With award-winning filmmaker and educator Jim de Sève. 

Media Management in a Digital Universe |March 14   

Master the art of archiving – and muscle your data into place for order, access, and ease – with digital archivist and preservation consultant David Rice. 

“Be The Media” Workshops, Fall 2009

Web Distribution | December 6 

Your videos can be used to build and strengthen communities; learn how to take your finished work and strategically distribute it on the Internet! 

Community Digital Storytelling | October 25 and by appointment 

This two-part workshop is aimed at organizations and citizens from the regional community, to get their stories heard!  

Quilt Project | October 17–18 

Share in a collective celebration of the history of grassroots communication with this quilt-making workshop; bring your community media t-shirts, and we will add them to our quilt! 

Digital Preservation | October 4 

“Video Archiving 101: How to Save and Access Your Video Collection” for organizations and individuals.  

“Be the Media” Workshops, Spring 2009

Mural Workshop| March 28-29

“How Will They Know Us? Building a Culture of Peace”  Iraqi and American youth share visions of a peaceful, just coexistence in a mural workshop. Guided by Claudia Lefko, director of the Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange

“A Conversation About UPSTATE GIRLS” | April 2  

Teenage girls from the Capital Region share stories about the challenges in their lives, gathering with representatives of the institutions with which they are entwined—including legal, educational, healthcare and penal systems—in response to award-winning photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally’s compelling work.

 “Be The Media” Workshops, Fall 2008

Sanctuary Digital Media Labs  

Digital Media Labs (DML) are all ages (14+), monthly workshops introduced by popular demand. Whether you are working on a documentary, making a music video, or learning to blog and post video to the internet, these sessions will benefit you. Bring your own digital media projects and ideas, or just commune and share skills with other makers. DML will focus on media production, web publishing (html & blogging), digital imaging, and video editing.

Digital Storytelling| June 1   

This is an all ages (14+) workshop which combines spoken word, photography, and simple video editing to create powerful and personal narratives. Everyone has a story to tell. With the help of our experienced community media teachers, it’s never been easier to turn your memories or dreams into material fit for television and beyond. Each participant creates his/her own 3-5 minute video piece. 

Beyond the Talking Head| November 23   

The Sanctuary teams up with SAC TV – Schenectady’s public access television station. Learn the skills and tricks of creating dynamic video pieces for television that go beyond “talking head” interviews. Learn about collecting b-roll, covering edits, and adding meaning and illustration to your interviews and documentary work. Get in touch with your creative side, as the instructor helps you explore other genres and techniques to drive your message home. 

Holiday Animation Workshop| December 14  

The Sanctuary Youth Media Team hosts yet another animation whirl-wind! Geared specifically for youth (18 & under), this workshop teaches the skills & techniques behind stop motion animation, while encouraging spontaneous creativity and fun. Participants will work in groups to brainstorm and create short animated pieces that will be uploaded to the web for the world to see. 

Our “Be the Media” workshop series provides local artists, producers, and citizen journalists with opportunities to acquire and improve the skills necessary for successful and powerful independent media-making. We offer an interdisciplinary approach to diverse media arts practices with new technologies, with core focus on creative practice and artistry.

Scholarships are available. We recognize that while this is a pretty good deal for a media workshop, not everyone can afford it. We highly value having a diverse group of workshop participants, and we encourage anyone who is interested in attending, but unable to pay the fee, to apply for a scholarship. Do you know someone who could use a scholarship?

Contact workshops – at – mediasanctuary.org or call (518) 272-2390 for more information.

The Be The Media! workshop series is presented with the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center and funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

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