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Washington Park Rumberos

Correspondent Lovonia Mallory interviews members of the Washington Park Rumberos a drumming sharathon…

Lovonia and Eric on HMM

The Hudson Mohawk Magazine is still celebrating our one year anniversary!

Gathering of the Tribes part 2

This is Part 2 of Correspondent and Producer Lovonia Mallory’s coverage @ the 9th Annual Gathering of the Tribes at Browns Farm hosted by Chief Straight Arrow.

Triple Es: Patroons

H. Bosh Jr brings another installment of his Triple Es: Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship.

Labor: Candace Lider and Sean Collins

WOOC Labor Talk Host and Roaming Labor Correspondent Willie Terry attended the Capital Region Solidarity Committee Annual Labor Day 2018 Picnic and Celebration…

Democratic Primary Voting Site

WOOC Correspondent Eric Newton visited his local voting site last week on the day of the Democratic primary.

What to Do If You Are Stopped By the Police

WOOC Labor Talk Host and Roaming Correspondent Willie Terry attended The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Region 1 Conference…


Dan Phiffer on WOOC

The Hudson Mohawk Magazine is still celebrating our one year anniversary!

Interview with Benji Bruno of the band Rootbrew

Hudson Mohawk Magazine host Steve Pierce interviewed Benji Bruno, co-founder of the band Rootbrew, which is performing at the 8th annual StoryHarvest festival at Freedom Square in North Troy.

Interview with Catherine Rafferty

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent, Steve Pierce, recently spoke with photographer Catherine Rafferty. Her work …


David Borton: Solar Steampunk

Solar boat builder David Borton is back with his physics segment Equality Under the Law: Practical Physics.


Luke Stoddard Nathan: 9-18-18

Luke Stoddard Nathan stops by once again for a local news update.

Pascal Danaë of the deep roots trio Delgrés

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent, Steve Pierce, spoke to guitarist Pascal Danaë of the deep …

Pascal Danaë of Delgrés interviewed by Maya Sanders

The deep roots trio Delgrés will be performing on Wednesday, September 26 at The …

Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch Groundbreaking

Local officials were out in full force for Thursday afternoon’s groundbreaking at the Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch in North Central Troy.

Pamela Bentien Collar City Ramble interview

Pamela Bentien talks about the upcoming Collar City Ramble and her passion for the Hudson River.

Jamaica Miles on Election Season

Jamaica Miles is a Lead Organizer with Citizen Action.

Katal Center: Harm Reduction

Keith Brown stops by the studio to discuss harm reduction approaches to addiction and drug use.


Sheridan Hollow: the Struggle Continues

Community residents and climate activists continue to try to persuade Governor Cuomo to scrap his plans for a new fracked gas power plant…

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Roots for Resilience Exhibition Opening with Catherine Rafferty
Sep. 26
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8th Annual StoryHarvest 2018 with Rootbrew and special guests Jenny Marie and Derrick Horton & The Jay Street Band

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