Podcasts: Entrepreneurism

Phyllis Conroy

Phyllis Conroy On Nina Pattison and Troy’s 20th Hidden Garden Tour

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Steve Pierce speaks with Phyllis Conroy about Troy’s 20th annual …

Betty Gilmore, CEO of WIDOWS IN ACTION

In this week’s segment of the Triple E’s, Betty Gilmore Pryor, who is the …

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison on the Rensselaer County Summer Youth Employment Program

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Branda Miller speaks with Bill Morrison about the Rensselaer County …

George Bejian Johnstone Supply

George Bejian of Johnstone Supply sat down with Hudson Mohawk Magazine producer, Melissa Bromley, …

Jamie Norton

Support Broker Jamie Norton on Self Direction

Hudson Mohawk Magazine disability advocate Masha Miller discusses self direction for people with disabilities …

Astra Taylor on Democracy Now!

Astra Taylor asks what is democracy?

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Steve Pierce speaks with activist author, filmmaker, musician Astra Taylor …

Clare Promise and Rayann Czarnecki

Clare Promise And Rayann Czarnecki on One Rhyme At A Time

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Steve Pierce speaks with singer Clare Promise and photographer Rayann …

Greg Haymes

RIP Greg Haymes and Nippertown

Longtime musician, journalist and artist Greg Haymes died unexpectedly on April 10. Among his …

Peter Lesser

Peter Lesser On The Egg

Peter Lesser stops by the Hudson Mohawk Magazine for an update on goings-on at …

Bill Dowd

Bill Dowd’s Notes on Napkins

In this segment, Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Aaron Pedinotti talks with Bill Dowd about …

Taro Omiya and Maria Salmon

Taro Omiya And Maria Salmon of the Tech Valley Game Space

In our next segment, Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Aaron Pedinotti speaks with Taro Omiya …

Alfonso Rodriguez

Alfonso Rodriguez on YouthBuild

In our next segment we hear from Alfonso Rodriguez of YouthBuild. He talks about …

Rick Rigney
David Howard King

David Howard King On The Collaborative

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Aaron Pedinotti speaks with David Howard King, editor of the …

Dr. David Borton is back with "Equality Under the Law: Practical Physics." to discuss his solar boat the Solaris.

David Borton on the Green New Deal

Hudson Mohawk Magazine correspondent Meghan Marohn speaks with David Borton about the Green New …

Luke Stoddard Nathan
Kelly Plessas
Vanessa Gee

TripleEs Pastor Vanessa Gee

This segment features Pastor Vanessa Gee–ordained minister, life coach, author and domestic violence survivor. …

Kwanzaa Day 5 Nia - Purpose

Kwanzaa Day 5 Nia – Purpose

Hudson Mohawk Magazine Roaming Labor correspondent Willie Terry attended the 5th Day of Kwanzaa …

Antonio Delgado

Antonio Delgado in Poestenkill

New York’s 19th congressional district Representative Antonio Delgado held his first town hall meeting …

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