Steffi Santos

Steffi is an undergraduate student at the University at Albany (SUNY), majoring in Atmospheric Science (Meteorology) and English.

At the Sanctuary, she manages uploading and editing daily postings to the Hudson Mohawk Magazine initiative. She’s also a member of the Sanctuary’s social media and graphic design team along with fellow interns Erin, Ishie, and Olivia.

In addition to social media initiatives, she also likes to lend a hand in The Sanctuary’s scientific projects, like Lights Out NorLite and NATURE Lab — one of her foremost goals is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public through accessible and informative science communication.

In between classes, you can find her working as a Peer Mentor (Student Assistant) for the university’s Writing and Critical Inquiry department, or hanging– correction, helping out at the Mesonet, a statewide meteorological data collecting network headquartered at the University at Albany. She’s also eager to be involved in undergraduate research, with her primary topic of interest being the prevalence of science and environmentalism during the Romantic literary movement.

You can find her work archived here:

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