Sierra Sukay

I am Sierra Sukay and I am a junior at Emma Willard School, which is right up the hill in Troy, New York. I am doing a STEAM project (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) here at the Sanctuary with Kathy High as my mentor. This is organized in conjunction with Emma Willard’s STEM internship program, which is headed by Mr. Calos and Ms. Mossop. I will be an intern at the Sanctuary during the 2014-2015 school year. See below for my blog posts to the sanctuary website and the focus of my internship.

Blog Posts:

Read more about the day to day of my intenship at my blog here.

The focus of the science portion of my STEAM project is assisting in bioremediation efforts in the Sanctuary’s gardens. As it complements the science portion of my STEAM project, I will attend various events at the Sanctuary to learn more about environmental activism in Troy and the world throughout the year. 

For the arts part of the STEAM project, I will be assisting the Sanctuary in setting up various art shows that they will hold throughout the year. I plan to attend as many of these as possible, especially those that are involved with the environment, such as Dear Climate and the Futurefarmers workshops. 

I hope to learn more about scientific fieldwork through testing the lead levels in the Sanctuary gardens. I will also learn methods to lessen pollutants in soil through assisting in bioremediation efforts in the Sanctuary gardens. By attending various events throughout the year, I will learn the various ways activists bring attention to issues that matter to them and how they go about addressing these issues.  

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