Morgan Salazar

Morgan is a radio intern from RPI, interested in hosting, script writing, and making segments. As a major in Science and Technology Studies (STS), they focus on how technology is used as a tool for the community. At the Sanctuary, we use technology to connect with others and introduce various perspectives on ethical and social issues. In doing this, the value of technology extends beyond one person or group. 
One of Morgan’s goals during their time here is to create their own program, where they interview local fashion designers. The purpose would be to connect with the fashion community, provide tips for aspiring designers, and discuss the industry through a social and ethical lens.  Their overarching question is “Why does clothing matter?”. The fashion industry has its very own life cycle, complete with its own economic, environmental, and social effects. Morgan is interested in discussing some topics like the importance of locally/responsibly sourced materials, the creation of affordable, quality clothing, and how clothing acts as an extension of a person. Keep an eye out for Morgan’s future projects!
In addition to being a fashion aficionado, they are also a proponent of the “Do it yourself” mindset. A certain point of pride is the notebook that they created. From embroidering the cover (made with reused fabric), cutting the paper, and binding the spine, Morgan explains that a person does not need to be an expert to create. They just need to have the motivation to do so.

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