Mikaela Clark-Gardner

Mikaela is a BFA student completing a specialization in Art Education with a minor in English Literature at Concordia University. For the past four years, she has been very involved in student union politics and activism on issues, such as advocating for increased student representation, as well as, divesting from fossil fuels. Mikaela is interested in exploring the intersections of art, pedagogy and activism in order to enact social and environmental change. Her art practice centres around themes of embodiment, how art can connect us to our bodies and the environment.

During summer 2019, Mikaela worked as a videographer, video and audio editor, and radio producer. She also worked collaboratively on an ongoing investigative journalism piece on the possible environmental and health impact of Norlite, a company that produces lightweight aggregate using hazardous waste as fuel in the production.

For radio, Mikaela produced a series on participatory education where guests discussed their pedagogical experiences, practices and philosophies of encouraging active student engagement and contributions within their education:
Kathy High on Lateral Learning Environments
Genesis Cooper on Youth Voice in Education
Branda Miller on Participatory Education
Bhawin Suchak on Participatory Education
Guy Schaffer on Participatory Education
Sean Wilson on Participatory Education

For video, Mikaela was a camera operator during the live four camera shoot for all six of the summer Spirit of the Suffragettes concerts. In addition, she edited the following videos:
Nitty Scott Interview
Sammus Interview
“1080p” by Sammus
“Time Crisis” by Sammus
“Lovesong” by Sammus
“Mighty Morphing” by Sammus
“Mae Jemison + The Story Behind The Name” by Sammus
“I don’t know” by Girl Blue
“I Am Not A Star” by Girl Blue
“Confetti” by Girl Blue
“Fire Under Water” by Girl Blue
“Who Decides?” by Climbing Poetree
“Echoes of Starlight” by Climbing Poetree
“Love Will Triumph” by Climbing Poetree
“We Survived” by Climbing Poetree
Climbing Poetree Interview
“Propaganda” by Fay Victor’s Mutations for Justice
“The Rager” by Fay Victor’s Mutations for Justice
“I Hate Being President” by Fay Victor’s Mutations for Justice
“Changemakers” by Crys Matthews
“We Must Be Free” by Crys Matthews
“Fall All The Way” by Crys Matthews
“Written In The Stars” By Crys Matthews
“Sojourner Truth” by D. Colin

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