Intern Alum, Radio Producer

Lavender first discovered the Sanctuary in 2018 through a Digital Filmmaking class at RPI taught by our own Elizabeth EP Press. After touring the space, she fell in love with the organization and proceeded to join as an intern the following semester. During her internship, Lavender recorded and edited a compelling video featuring interviews with fellow correspondents and volunteers discussing the importance of the Hudson Mohawk Magazine (HMM). She also contributed to the organization’s visual storytelling by creating a vibrant collage on a poster board, adorned with cutouts from flyers and pamphlets collected over the years, now proudly displayed at the Sanctuary.

After her internship, Lavender continued her journey, completing her degree at another university while remaining a dedicated semi-remote volunteer at the Sanctuary. As a regular correspondent and host at the Hudson Mohawk Magazine, she covers a wide array of topics, bringing unique perspectives to light through her engaging storytelling. Lavender’s remarkable vox pop skills allow her to amplify the voices of strangers and connect communities through the power of media.

Beyond her work at the Sanctuary, Lavender is a versatile individual juggling various roles, including tutoring STEM subjects, analyzing code, running a nonprofit, and pursuing her passion for music and acting. With creativity and dedication, Lavender embodies a spirit of making a difference and enriching the world around her.

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