Erin Johanns

Erin is currently the 2021 Garden Coordinator. She started with the Sanctuary for Independent Media in May of this year. Her primary responsibility is to take care of the Collard City Growers garden space, trying to keep it productive, give that food to the surrounding community, and help beautify the neighborhood with a little more greenery. Her role in our Uptown Summer Program is to help the youth develop an appreciation for nature and biodiversity in an urban landscape,  recognize the current issues facing their local community like hunger and food insecurity, and to feel empowered to take actions towards addressing these problems both through the program, but also in other  areas of their life as well.

While gardening is a huge passion of hers, she has many other interests outside of my regular work week and volunteering like reading books about feminism, playing guitar, making art, and going to concerts.

Erin also volunteers with another community garden space, Gabi’s Garden, at the Albany Free School. While during the school year they use the garden to provide fresh veggies to the student’s lunches, much of what is grown is also donated back to the community through volunteering and Jammella Anderson’s Free Food Fridge Program. Many community gardens, including Collard City Growers, cannot survive without the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Collard City Growers has open Garden Drop In Hours every Friday from 5-7 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm. In addition, Gabi’s Garden with the Albany Free School has volunteer hours every Wednesday from 4 – 7 pm and every Sunday from 8 – 11 am throughout the summer season. If either of these Garden’s Hours do not fit within your schedule, feel free to send Erin an email at [email protected] and she can coordinate a time for you to stop in.

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