Caleb Dansky

Caleb is a product of constant confusion between societal life and a soft spot for adventure.  Originally from NC, Caleb grew up in a rural NASCAR and livermush neighborhood.  He escaped this small town focused on college.  Five years latter, after dropping out for a short time to hike the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail, Caleb earned a degree in philosophy.  He decided to take another year off to travel America and live out of the back of his car.  He finalized his trip in NYC where he spent the next two years earning a masters in Special Education and working within the public school system.  These two societal years was more than enough time for Caleb to realize that the Department of Education was no place for him.  He sacrificed his retirement plan and health benefits to pursue a trans-America bike trip.  With 5,500 miles between him and his patient partner he decided it was time to slow down.  He found himself in Albany trying to find a balance between these two life styles.  The Sanctuary for Independent Media has met this goal through-and-through.  He is not only impressed with their hands on approach to teaching, but their care and appreciation for people on the whole.  Within a short time Caleb has learned archiving, video editing, working with youth media sanctuary, social networking, web design, and hard/software literacy.  The Sanctuary is a safe place for individuals to pursue, develop, and advance any and all their ideas of support, rebellion, and love.  Thank you Sanctuary for creating a home for our community. 

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