Bryan Mangual


Bryan Mangual (15)

Uptown Summer Youth Employee 2016

Project: Safer Than Yemen

Listen to Bryan’s audio portrait here:


Would you call yourself a storyteller?

I never really thought of myself as a storyteller before. Now that I’ve gotten some experience, I would say that I am a good journalist and reporter. I learned how to take notes about a topic, ask good questions to get information, and I’ve gotten some experience with interviews.

I like listening to and talking about stories where people are suffering. I like to tell people about it and see their reactions and ask what they would do about it. It just enlightens people and lets them know about certain things that are going around that they don’t know about. It gives me hope that people will get more involved in their community and maybe even fix it, if possible.


What is the role that history plays in storytelling?

To help people realize that there were mistakes in the past and that if they work in the present, maybe they can fix it so that it won’t happen again.


What is the power of youth media projects?

 Youth aren’t really as experienced, so if they become enlightened with this sort of thing, then they can do more about it. People who are aged more don’t have as much time in their lives to get involved.

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