April 02, 2016

Celebrating a 10 years of Sanctuary Programming (Spring 2016 Newsletter)

Graphic that says "DEC•ADE: A period of 10 years"


This Sanctuary for Independent Media ignited from sparks born of populist revolt a continent away, a product of the Indymedia maelstrom that came into being with the epic Battle for Seattle at the turn of this century. Somehow, against the stark backdrop of a nation mired in war and economic decline, The Sanctuary for Independent Media has endured as an experiment and is, improbably—thanks to our amazingly supportive community—well on the way into a second decade. Thank you!

Just over ten years ago, a small group of local Indymedia activists gathered at a Troy bar overlooking the Hudson River. With a bit of money banked from the minor hit counterculture video “Independent Media in a Time of War,” we were considering investing in a new workspace. An empty church in a discarded neighborhood beckoned… and, with some hesitation because of our limited resources, we embarked on the path that led us here.

At a time and in a place where there isn’t much hope, ours has been rewarded and matched many times over. We never could have imagined then what The Sanctuary for Independent Media would become, because we hadn’t yet met the people who make it what it is.

Originally envisioned as a place to house our ragtag collection of video production gear and hang some hats, with perhaps a benefit concert or screening here and there to help pay the rent, our new home quickly became a regional center for arts and activism—filling a niche we were only dimly aware existed. 

Our presence on Sixth Avenue has burgeoned over the years, with an outdoor performance space at Freedom Square, multiple gardens and several buildings to bolster community outreach and support NATURE Lab, our urban arts and environmental education initiative. 

But, at heart, we’re still a media project. Millions of people worldwide have streamed our Sanctuary TV videos—and, after years of struggle, our local community radio station WOOC 105.3 FM is finally online and on the air!

We now have a lot to work with and lots of work yet to do—buckle up and get ready for the ride. We’re glad to have you with us!

The lifeblood of The Sanctuary for Independent Media is volunteer labor and individual contributions!

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