May 30, 2024

HMM 05 – 30 – 24

In place of our regular Hudson Mohawk Magazine programing, today we share this episode of The Aunties Dandelion podcast called “Nikaronhya’a Dawn Martin (Kanyen’kehà:ka) Miss Six Nations, Teacher, Two-Spirit Advocate, Farmer” by The Aunties Dandelion.” The interviewer is Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore who presented on “Indigenous Lens on Media Making” at The Sanctuary for Independent Media on 10/03/2023.

Show notes from The Aunties Dandelion:
Wa’tkwanonhweráton Sewakwékon. On this edition of The Aunties Dandelion we visit with Emergent Auntie Nikaronhyá’a Dawn Martin who is Kanyen’kehà:ka (or Mohawk) from Six Nations of the Grand River Rotinonhsón:ni Territory and who recently won the title of Miss Six Nations. Nikaronhyá’a is a two-spirit culture and language carrier, a teacher, and a farmer who honors the foundation of the feminine. NIKARONHYA’A: The way I translate it is… that’s my power… that is my power. My mother is my power, my mother is my strength – that is where I get – all the will to live comes from her and that could be Mother Earth or my birth mother, right? AUNTIE: During our visit we discuss Nikaronhya’a’s relationship with the beauty and trauma of her community and family and how the power of our Mohawk language – through her father’s influence – has become her support and guide. NIKARONHYA’A: He said it’s about the voices of your ancestors. It’s not even about a word. And that’s what he would talk about is vibration and energy. That that word don’t live on the paper. That word don’t live in the text book. That word only lives with us in our being and our energy and our voice and our breath to make it come into existence. AUNTIE: We are Yethi Nihsténha ne Tekaronyakánere – the Aunties Dandelion. We’re a media collective focused on revitalizing our communities through stories of land, language, and relationships. We are thrilled today to say “nyá:wen” which means “thank you” in Mohawk to the our friends at the Indigenous Screen Office of Canada onkak teyonhkiwihstekénha who are funding our podcast for the coming year. So make some tea, get comfortable and take some time to… listen to your Aunties.

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