September 17, 2020

HMM 9 – 16 – 2020

Hello Capital Region! This is the Hudson Mohawk Magazine, broadcasting from the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY.

Up first on tonight’s program, the Museum of Poitical Corruptions annual Nelly Bly Award has gone to New Yorker journalist Jane Mayer for her coverage of Dark Money in elections.

Then, John Amidon of Veterans for Peace joins HMM to discuss the relationship between wildfires, climate change, and the military industrial complex.

And later on, we have episode 14 of peoples science, the podcast that highlights scientists of color, featuring biology and developmental and stem cell biology PhD candidate Raymond Allen.

After that, the trail of former Rensselaer County DA Joel Abelove began Tuesday. We’ll hear coverage of the trial from HMM’s Elizabeth Press

Finally, we’ll cover rule changes to voting in the upcoming election, now less than 50 days away, with Jennifer Wilson, the Deputy Director of the League of Women Voters of New York State.

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