August 11, 2020

HMM 8 – 10 – 2020

Hello Capital Region! This is the Hudson Mohawk Magazine, broadcasting from The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY.

Up first today: the Rensselaer County Legislature has rewritten a Black Lives Matter Resolution to remove the word “Black.” HMM’s Elizabeth Press discusses the revision with deputy minority leader Cindy Doran.

Then, National Parks are receiving more visitors than ever because of coronavirus, a public reaction that’s connecting more people to nature, but also damaging those spaces due to inexperienced hikers. HMM’s Carson Reay discusses the issue with Summit Steward Tyler Socash.

And later on, Roaming Labor Correspondent Willie Terry continues his conversation with veteran activist, educator, and labor organizer David V. Walker.

After that, episode 7 of people’s science, the series that interviews researchers and scientists of color about their work and systems of inequity. Today’s guest is Dr. Kisha Daneils, professor of education at Duke University.

Finally, we welcome Jane MacGillivray, founder and executive director of Seeding Sovereignty, to the show. Seeding Sovereignty is an Indigenous women and non-binary led collective working to decolonize the environmental movement.

But first, here are some of today’s headlines

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