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The Radical King: Where Do We Go from Here?

January 20, 2020 @ 11:00 am 3:00 pm EST

This Martin Luther King Labor Celebration, begun in 1999 by the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, will be held in Troy for the first time. A short segment will be shown of M.L.K.’s 1967 speech “The Three Evils of Society,” where he talks about the need for a redistribution of wealth in America. Following this showing, each attendee will be encouraged to join a round table discussion on key issues and help identify means for resolving Martin Luther King’s theme, “Where do we go from here?”  Each discussion group will report back their proposed solutions at a concluding general session.

Co-sponsored by: TeamHERO, Women Against War, Upper Hudson Peace Action, and NATURE Lab Health Autonomy Network. Coordinated by Willie Terry.

A black and white headshot of Martin Luther King Jr, speaking into a microphone and gesturing with his other hand.

Event Round Tables:

  • Community – Jerry Ford, TeamHERO
  • Labor – Sean Collins, Troy Labor Council
  • Racism – Angelicia Morris, Human Rights Commission of Schenectady County
  • National/ International – Tom, Ellis , Solidarity Co. of the Capital Region
  • Environmental – Tam Kistler & Meghan Marohn, Extinction Rebellion
  • Criminal Justice – Jamaica Miles, Citizen Action
  • Youth/Education – Jennifer Livingston, YouthBuild CEO & TeamHERO
  • Economics – H Bosh Jr
  • Health Justice – Eileen Javier, Dr. Frank Coughlin & Jj Luceno, NATURE Lab Health Autonomy Network
  • Anti-War, WAW and Upper Hudson Peace Action

More About the Participating Organizations:

The Solidarity Committee of the Capital District:

The Greyhound Strikers Solidarity Committee of the Capital District was created by Albany, New York-area labor union activists who supported the autumn 1983 Amalgamated Transit Union strike against Greyhound Bus Lines. After the strike ended, the organization was reconstituted as the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District.

The Solidarity Committee of the Capital District’s mission is “to promote solidarity and understanding of the labor movement, through educating and organizing in times of need.” Its founders envisioned an organization that would organize and support strikes, protest closures of manufacturing plants, aid unemployed workers, lobby for political and economic reform, and organize non-union workers. Their vision continues to guide activities through the present day.

TeamHERO/The Block Center:

We want to empower communities to improve the quality of life for young people and their families. We develop and implement programs to support youth making the transition from childhood to adulthood. We utilize a relationships first model, prioritizing human connections rather than focusing on perceived problems; our strategies are long-term and built around the strengths and needs of people who make up the communities we serve.

Our Programs: The Block Center is a positive youth development program for young people ages 11-17 living in the Troy, NY area. Founded in 2015 in partnership with the Troy Boys and Girls Club, the program connects caring adult mentors with young people for educational groups, character-building activities, field trips, and more.Weekly sessions are held every Tuesday from 6:00-8: 00 PM. Learn more at

Women Against War:

Women Against War brings together Capital District women to work for peace. We advocate for changed US foreign policies through lobbying, leafleting, vigils, media outreach & educational events.

Women Against War offers speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the year. One of the WAW project groups, Grannies for Peace, holds annual vigils or demonstrations on Valentines Day (“war breaks Grannies hearts”), Mothers Day, and Veterans Day. The Iran project group advocates for negotiations with Iran by handing out leaflets, lobbying our legislators, and vigiling and leafleting with banners and photos of Iranians, at the popular August food festival at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. These are just examples of WAW’s busy schedule. Please join us!

Upper Hudson Peace Action:

Upper Hudson Peace Action is the Peace Action chapter for the New York Capital District region, including Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga and nearby communities. We are one of 18 chapters of Peace Action New York State. We have been active locally since 1982. We oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We advocate complete nuclear disarmament.

NATURE Lab Health Autonomy Clinic:

As part of the Sanctuary for Independent Media’s growing NATURE LAB Urban Environmental Center, JJ Luceno and Dr. Frank Coughlin are working to establish a central space in Troy to share health skills, provide basic integrative care and explore ways to build networks of community health. Though caring for our elders, our children, or cooking soul-nourishing food for family or friends may not be deemed ‘real’ healthcare, we know that in fact, it’s what holds us together and keeps us sane. Let’s bring our skills together to build a space where creative, joyful health is possible and accessible!

Health Autonomy Clinic member Ailleen Javier shares research on Martin Luther King’s advocacy for equality in healthcare:

“Health care providers used a multi-tiered approach toward different types of people creating healthcare inequality that sometimes resulted in the death of people of color. This is why Martin Luther King the phrase/quote below.

Now we have access to healthcare, it seems that we have a healthcare system that is equal for everyone, nobody gets denied care because of color or gender, we even get assistance to pay, if we need it. Still, our health care system is not equal, it is based on income. Until all people have equal access to the same care, regardless of their income, the health disparities continue to exist, and his quote prevails. So his vision is what we are aiming for with the Health Autonomy Clinic, a holistic health approach equal for all. ”

Taína Asili:

Taína Asili is a New York-based Puerto Rican singer, filmmaker and activist carrying on the tradition of her ancestors, fusing past and present struggles into one soulful and defiant voice. Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde combines powerful vocals carrying themes of hope and liberation with an energetic fusion of Afro-Latin, reggae and rock. Asili’s music offers a sound that spans continents, exuding strength of Spirit, inspiring audiences at venues across the globe – From Carnegie Hall to the Women’s March on Washington to the main stage of San Francisco Pride to the Radical King: MLK Celebration here at the Sanctuary.

Taína is dedicated to using her art as a tool for personal and social transformation. The liberation themes in Taína’s writing are based in her activism in prisoner justice, climate justice, and food justice movements.

We are committed to lowering the barriers to access for events at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, blind or low-vision, or whose physical limitations can interfere with a satisfying experience, let us know two weeks in advance so we can make appropriate arrangements.

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