Sowing Seeds at the Sanctuary


Ice Cream Social and Uptown Summer 15 Goodbyes

 There were no tears only smiles as students and staff said goodbye on the last day of Uptown Summer 2015 over ice cream.

To celebrate a successful session, The Sanctuary staff decided to bring in ice cream from Stewarts and …

Real Food in The Food Desert: Kale Chips

Maybe you have heard of kale as one of the most trendy food to eat right now, and for a reason: this leafy green comes packed with nutrients that gives it many health benefits such as cancer-fighting and cholesterol-lowering. 

If you avoid processed/packaged products, Kale is pretty inexpensive to buy fresh. But it …

Real Food in the Food Desert: Tunisian Fennel Salad

At the Farm to Preschool market yesterday, one of the moms pointed at this weirdly shaped vegetable asking what it is and what to do with it:


Fennel is a bulb shaped vegetable that, when eaten raw, is fresh, crispy and has a anise flavor. You can also …

Farm to Preschool: Denison Farm and CSA bringing organic veggies to local families

Today, Wednesday, August 5, The Sanctuary staff met up with Justine of Denison Farms at The Stepping Stones Center in North Troy. Denison Farms is the supplier of the organic vegetables for sale in Farm to Preschool Program and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The Farm to preschool program provides affordable organic vegetables, …

Uptown Summer 15 & Adventures to the Hudson River


Tuesday, August 4, 2015 students from Uptown Summer 15 joined biologist Brandon Ballengee and scientists from the New York State Museum for an environmental stewardship down on the Hudson River. Together we brought our pails and walking shoes and met up with the scientists for fishing. Among the scientists were Bryan, Jeremy, …

Environmental Stewardship @ Uptown Summer 15


It’s not the image of Troy that the news normally paints but amidst the reported violence and in the heart of North Troy rests The Sanctuary and The Collar City Garden.





Uptown Summer ’15 & Positive Stories of Youth in Our Community

Wednesday, July 29th, The Sanctuary received a visit from the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition. Davia Collington outlined for us the background of the TDFCC, their mission, and challenged us to come up with positive stories of youth in our community.


The TDFCC was started in 2010 by …

Return to Uptown Summer

This morning I began my intership with The Sanctuary for Indepenent Media or ‘renewed’ I should say.

I, again, was nervous about coming here today…new people, kids, not knowing what to expect but it has been AWESOME.

The first time I discovered the Sanctuary was in Decemeber 2011. It was a …

CHERI HONKALA – fri 17 April 2015


Exciting, moving and proactive! A capacity audience (approx 120) gathered at the Sanctuary to hear Cheri’s speech. Cheri has a gift for timing and humour honed by a school of very hard knocks. She told us tales from her life and how she grew from single motherhood at age 16 …

Heart of Sanctuary

Eating Together at the Sanctuary

In the basement of the Sanctuary lies its heart. A kitchen where sanctuary volunteers produce meals for anything from 5 to 125. A smaller and greater number of able and caring folks are involved.

Jonathan is the heart of the heart. His culinary gifts fulfill the …

What Is Kitchen Sanctuary?

What is Kitchen Sanctuary? Kitchen Sanctuary is a place where go can go to find comfort, connection, laughter, all because of the love for food. Whether you are just making the food or eating it. Think about it when you have a get together at home mostly everyone gathers in the kitchen first then moves …

TVHS First Production Meeting 3/10/11


“We went over the rubric very briefly, and created a collaborative Google doc “need to know” list, which we will look at and address next class. A number of kids were missing today due to bad weather/illness, so the class was a bit low energy.”


Youth Media Sanctuary: Open House/ First Day, Spring '11

3/2/11: Session 1: First Day Intro

Happy 16th Birthday, Antonio!  Whassup with the trick candles?

Finally… Antonio cuts b-day cake for his YMS friends Abby, Roger, Thomas and Madena.


What a great 1st day we had!


Alternative Spring Break at the Sanctuary March 2010

My name is Grace Gong. I am a part of Alternative Spring Break. There are 12 of us here from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. We arrived at the Sanctuary for Independent Media this weekend. We are so excited about the projects we did this week. We helped set up for …

"Open Doors"

Date published: 04/01/2008
Publication: Albany Times Union

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"Noteworthy: Fay Victor Ensemble"

Date published: 04/24/2008
Publication: Metroland

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"Code of Unethics?"

Date published: 03/20/2008
Publication: Metroland

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"Mayor: We Did Not Censure Sanctuary"

Date published: 03/18/2008
Publication: Troy Record

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