Al Bilali Soudan

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

Join us for a concert from Al Bilali Soudan from Timbuktu, Mali. Their performance is an improvisational tour de force of traditional instruments (incl. tehardant and calabash), rhythms, and scales. These traditional instruments are foundational to the development of the style that has evolved into the modern desert blues sound. ***In line with our commitment […]


Chris Hedges: “The Greatest Evil is War”

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

Chris Hedges returns to The Sanctuary for Independent Media on the subject of his latest book titled The Greatest Evil is War, an unflinching indictment of the horror and obscenity of war. Pulitzer-prize-winner Chris Hedges draws from experience and interviews for this book that looks at the hidden costs of war, what it does to […]

Be The Media! Workshop: Social Issue Filmmaking with Yoruba Richen

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

Join us for a workshop with Yoruba Richen who will show clips from a few of her recent documentaries and talk about her approach to social issue filmmaking. Yoruba will also examine different filmmaking genres - archival, investigative, verite- and discuss how stylistic choices, journalistic ethics, and advocacy shape her work. Yoruba's most recent film is The […]

“The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks” Film Screening

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

with filmmaker Yoruba Richen Yoruba Richen will screen The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY. This film captures the unexpected story of Rosa Parks and her life beyond the historic bus boycott, revealing the intent behind her activism, her radical politics, and her courage. The screening will be […]

Be The Media! Workshop with Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0: 

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

"Gestures in the 'Border Horror' of US Immigration Policy” Join Ricardo Dominguez and Amy Sara Carroll of the collective Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 as they discuss a brief history of the collective’s previous work in relation to borders; the relationship between NAFTA, US Prevention through Deterrence philosophy, the binational War on Drugs, and the emergence […]

BioArt Visionary @CBIS with Miriam Simun


"Corporeal Entanglements All The Way Down" Join us for this virtual session of the series BioArt Visionary @CBIS, presented in conjunction with RPI’s Center for Biotechnology, the ARTS department & the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and the Sanctuary’s NATURE Lab. The BioArt Visionary @CBIS is sponsored by RPI’s Arts department, the iEAR Presents […]

Salon Séance: “The End of Time”

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

Join us for an interdisciplinary presentation combining live classical music with visual and theatrical storytelling. This is the regional premiere of The End of Time, an immersive experience with themes of trauma and healing, by Salon Séance. The performance will be followed by an audience conversation about the music and re-interpretations of the themes as […]

“American Caliph” Book Talk

The Sanctuary 3361 6th Ave, Troy

with author Shahan Mufti Join author Shahan Mufti for a behind-the-scenes look at American Caliph, his riveting true story of America’s first homegrown Muslim terror attack–the 1977 Hanafi siege of Washington, D.C. Get a sneak-peek at the event with Steve Pierce's interview of Shahan Mufti. ***In line with our commitment to equity, love and justice, […]

People’s Health Sanctuary Open House

Where: NATURE Lab 2nd floor, 3319 6th Avenue It is with great joy that we would like to announce the opening of the People's Health Sanctuary! It has been a 3 year process, complete with construction delays, other obstacles, and oh yes, the pandemic.We now step into the time to bring the space to life.We invite […]

Holiday Interfaith Justice and Peace Circle at Freedom Square

Freedom Square 9 101st St, Troy, NY

Join us in a celebration of light and community. Around an evergreen tree, we will light candles, tie the names of loved ones on branches, and share our light to set intentions for love, justice and peace. Before the tree lighting there will be warm beverages, snacks, arts and crafts, and a radio-making station. Bring […]

People’s Health Sanctuary Seed Swap & Open House


Where: NATURE Lab 2nd floor, 3319 6th Avenue Join the People's Health Sanctuary and Collard City Growers at NATURE Lab for a seed swap and open house to start building towards spring awakening and growth. Learn seed keeping methods from local gardeners, acquire seeds to grow, and bring your own seeds and stories to show […]

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