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No PhDs needed: how citizen science is transforming research

 23 OCTOBER 2018

Projects that recruit the public are getting more ambitious and diverse, but the field faces some growing pains.

Aisling Irwin



Japanese priest Sadamaru Okano stands beneath a Geiger counter (top left) that sends radiation readings to the Safecast …

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Most people know us as The Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy, NY; the official non-profit 501(c)3 is incorporated as Media Alliance. Our mission is to use art and participatory action to promote social and environmental justice and freedom of creative expression.

Uptown Summer Week Five: Agency

The 2018 Uptown Summer program has now drawn to a close. The theme for our fifth week was agency. This week was the final push to perfect our radio projects before they are broadcast on WOOC FM. 

Between all the audio editing, we still found time to go outside …

Orange and Lex

“Orange and Lex,” by Shatora Buckman, Jahsendah Dann, and Ayisha Menko, shares …

Sadie’s Grandma’s House

Sadie’s Grandmother’s House,” by Sadie Anson, with Media Mentor/Editor Kathy High, recounts restoring a …

Jerry’s House

“Jerry’s House,” by Kai Griffin, Bryanna Mangual, Diajah Grier, Milan Miles and Andrew Pintro, …

Abandoned Building Haikus

“Abandoned Building Haikus” were created, in collaboration with the “Breathing These Words” poetry workshop, …

Troy Youths Ask: "What Would You Do With a Trillion Dollars?"

A team of Troy teenagers from Youth Media Sanctuary journeyed to Washington DC the weekend of April 11-13, 2014 to take part in the fourth annual “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” Youth Film Festival sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

Their new video, “Trillion in Troy,” is one of twenty-one …

YouthBuild subject of new documentary produced by The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Date published: 01/05/2013
Publication: Troy Record

By Andrew Beam

TROY — For some, second chances can be hard to come by, but many of the people participating in the Center on Economic Opportunity’s YouthBuild program are getting theirs and their stories will soon be told in documentary form. …

YMS ’12 visit: WGXC "Radio Explosion!"


Today the Sanctuary was excited to have WGXC stop by for an episode of their “Radio Explosion” youth media radio show. WGXC is a “community-run media project, re-envisioning radio as an innovative platform for local participation.”

The young radio producers, along with supervisor Sara Kendall, joined …

YMS '12 Day 1 Recap

Summer 2012 is here, which means a new group of Youth Media Sanctuary workers have joined the Sanctuary team to spend the next five weeks learning how to create their own media. This summer YMS has teamed up with Collard City Growers just a few steps away from the Sanctuary to …

YMS Spring 2012: Day 7, April 4th

We were into the last weeks of the Youth Media Sanctuary.

Hours upon hours of editing, editing, and editing (so serious, so meticulous!), calls for some silly.


Darian’s shoes (adored by many here).



YMS Spring 2012: Day 6, March 28th


…with orange poppy seed frosting*

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 eggs
2/3 cup beet, cooked and pureed
1tsp vanilla
2 tbsp strong coffee 
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp …

YMS Spring 2012: Day 5, March 21st


Today we started shooting…
















YMS Spring 2012: Day 4, March 14th

Most of today’s session was spent mind mapping ideas and giving feedback and advice to one another. This is the heart of where conceptual turns into actual and we are pretty excited to start shooting next week!



Pina Colada


YMS Spring 2012: Day 3, Feb. 28

Sometimes things just sync, like today. As we came in, it just so happened that Brenda Ann Kenneally, photojournalist extraordinare, was just finishing up the last details of the Santuary’s Spring 2012 Facing Change Exhibit…

She took us on a tour! 

YMS Spring 2012: Day 2, Feb. 15

Day 2 started with an introduction to camera and production techniques. Viewing clips of different types of camera angling and movement provided a springboard for YMS 2012 participants to create 1 minutes shorts (for some the first time behind the camera).

We wrapped up today by brainstorming each …

Congratulations YMS Producer Madena Henderson!

Youth Media Sanctuary/ Project VoiceScape filmmaker
 Madena Henderson

Youth Media Sanctuary producer Madena Henderson was one of 15 youth selected as a Project VoiceScape winner– and she’ll present her work at a national premiere in Washington, D.C. this October 6, 2011

Madena was chosen because they saw …

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