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Guests and Music Mingle at Spanish in the Garden


“Cuando tú me dices a media voz que me amas

Me siento tan sublime como el tibio sol de la mañana

Y esto es lo que tú me haces sentir

Desde el día en que te conocí.”


Sounds of …

A Debate in Translation: Are Tomatoes a Vegetable or a Fruit?


We don’t always know the things that we think we know. Sometimes, the simplest questions require translation and clarification.

Today, during Week 2 of Spanish in the Garden, we realized a very real gap in our collective knowledge: What is …

A Feast of Fusion: Uptown Summer 2016 and a Puerto Rican Hawaiian Luau

At the Sanctuary for Independent Media, Tuesdays are the first day of a work week of Uptown Summer’s environmental stewardship and neighborhood storytelling activities. Today in particular brought with it a special newness, as it was the first day of our Spanish in the Garden workshop, which will continue on Tuesdays through the rest of Uptown Summer.

Brainstorming and Building Our Stories: Day 3 of Uptown Summer 2016

Day 3 of Uptown Summer left us wondering what we can build with and in our communities, as a morning of working in the garden moved  into an afternoon of brainstorming in the Sanctuary.


Our morning began with the beeping sounds of a dump truck in reverse, set to provide us with a ton of gravel to add to the pathway that extends through the L-Lot. We spent our morning there, shoveling gravel into pathways, turning piles of dirt and stone into spaces for walking and moving forward into well-loved spaces. With shovels and wheelbarrows and rakes we turned weeds into walking spaces, fueled by water breaks and laughter.

A Summer of Stories: Day 1 of Uptown Summer 2016


Today was a story of beginning. Our 2016 Uptown Summer youth employees began their summer of Environmental Stewardship and Neighborhood Storytelling with an introduction to The Sanctuary for Independent Media and a tour of Collard City Growers. In doing so, we also shared the stories of ourselves. In our …

"The Sanctuary for Independent Media builds community through food"

Date published: 08/25/2015
Publication: Albany Times Union

The Sanctuary for Independent Media’s radical urban gardening

 Published 6:13 pm, Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Sanctuary for Independent Media is housed in a converted historic church in North Troy. …

Farm to Preschool: Denison Farm and CSA bringing organic veggies to local families

Today, Wednesday, August 5, The Sanctuary staff met up with Justine of Denison Farms at The Stepping Stones Center in North Troy. Denison Farms is the supplier of the organic vegetables for sale in Farm to Preschool Program and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The Farm to preschool program provides affordable organic vegetables, …

Interviews at Lansingburgh Family Resource Center and with Capital District Child Care Council

On July 29, 2015 the Uptown Summer crew visited the Lansingburgh Family Resource Center to learn about an awesome new collaboration that “aims to increase access to locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables for food insecure families in the Capital Region.”  You can be sure we will be making …

Environmental Stewardship @ Uptown Summer 15


It’s not the image of Troy that the news normally paints but amidst the reported violence and in the heart of North Troy rests The Sanctuary and The Collar City Garden.





Bioremediation in the L-lot

On November 12th, Kathy High and Intern Sierra Sukay went to the Sanctuary to meet with Oliver Kellhammer and assist him in collecting soil samples from the L-lot. Oliver, in conjunction with the Sanctuary, started bioremediations efforts in the L-lot this summer. In the back portion of the L-lot where the soil suffers from high lead concentration, was separated into three sections. One section has been covered with mulch and a fungi called mycelium, which has been used to reduce the amount of lead and other pollutants in the soil in sites around the world. Buckwheat was planted in the second section. Buckwheat is a very efficient tool for bioremediation because it grows quickly while “sucking” up the lead in the soil and storing it in the plants tissue. The third section is a control; it contains a collection of weeds “native” to Troy.

Future Farmers, Carriage House, and the Hoop House

Saturday October 18th, I worked and attended the Futurefarmers demonstration at the Carriage House and Collard City Growers garden. The event started out with a work party early in the morning. Volunteers cleaned the Carriage House. People arrived for the event around 1. A lot of people of that attendeded. Some attendees were local youth, …

Lead Testing in North Troy

One of the more recent additions to the Sanctuary’s gardens, the “L-lot” behind the corner of sixth avenue and Glen street, was tested for lead on October 7th. This new project of NATURE Lab (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) is headed by local resident and partner with The Sanctuary for …

Last Week Today

Hey all! I finished my first full week as an intern! Let’s overview some of the things that I did this past week as an intern. 

Tuesday: First day offically. Me and Branda talked about what my goals are as an intern which are learning about non-profit management, event coordinating, and video production. …

Collard City Garden 2K14

A collection of different volunteers joined on Friday May 23rd to continue working on the Collard City Garden Project going on right down the block from the Media Sanctuary. The volunteers put their back into this effort to fill in holes and pack fence posts into the ground. Each person played a role in shoveling, …

Fencing Re-match!










We’re ON for our fencing project at the Collard City Garden tomorrow (Friday 5/23).

Come out in the morning, come out in …

FenceFence 2014 revealed!


An amazing day of work on the Collard City Growers fence!


Saturday! FenceFest 2014

Hope you can make it to the 3300 block of 6th Avenue tomorrow (Saturday 5/3) for some big fun!

It’s all going down at Collard City Growers (on the same block as the Sanctuary, halfway between Freedom Square and Troy Bike Rescue).

Three years in, and it’s time to build a …

"Freedom Square: Crossroads for revival"

Date published: 12/28/2012
Publication: Albany Times Union

Garden, church, activist group work to make Troy block a destination point

By Kenneth C. Crowe II

TROY — The North Central block of Sixth Avenue between Glen and 101st streets is becoming an oasis in one of the …

Appreciation to our local farmers and donors for StoryHarvest!

Thank you everyone who volunteer and donated for StoryHarvest ’12, including:


Native Farm Flowers

Nine Mile Farm

Rock Hill Bakehouse

Saratoga County EOC Food Kitchen

"Storyteller uses food to get people to share experiences"

Date published: 09/22/2012
Publication: Schenectady Gazette


By Joanne E. McFadden

Chef Ellie Markovitch, right, prepares a “No Cook Stir-Fry” made from assorted veggies from the garden at the Collard City Growers garden in Troy. Markovitch uses food, photography and other means to get people to …

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Mar. 03
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Mar. 21
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