The pandemic is causing us to significantly reframe our programming. We are evaluating ways we can continue our work with the passion and commitment of the past 15 years.

We could really use advice! Your input is critical to our survival and how we move forward.

You are are essential to The Sanctuary for Independent Media! Please click here to take our survey!

Please complete the survey as soon as possible so we can begin to incorporate suggestions into our Fall programming. Thank you for your help!

–With solidarity and respect,

Your friends at The Sanctuary for Independent Media

P.S. Some survey housekeeping…

Your name is not required and will not be associated with any of your responses. Your answers to questions about the Sanctuary will remain anonymous even if you indicate that you would like to be contacted to get more involved.

Please note, responses to all questions are optional. The survey itself is web based. You do not have to save your responses and once you complete each page (by clicking save/next) your responses will save automatically. If you have any questions about the mechanics of the survey, please contact us!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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