Reclaiming History: Michele Galvin and Harriet Tubman Pt 1

In this segment of Reclaiming History Lovonia Mallory interviews Michele Jones Galvin co-author of Beyond the Underground: Aunt Harriet, Moses of Her People co- authored with her mother Joyce Stokes Jones. For the first time, the descendants of Harriet Tubman tell the story of the famed abolitionist within the context of their family lineage. This creative nonfiction work is an intricate mix of family lore, memoir and historical reconstruction.

It captures the lives of the family and friends of the Greatest Conductor of the Underground Railroad in a way that separates it from academic works. The book depicts a family, from which an American heroine is born, that survives slavery, gains freedom and begins the journey of creating a new life beyond the shackles of human bondage. This book is the authors’ tribute to their Aunt Harriet and to all of those who came before them, upon whose shoulders their freedom was won. The book can be obtained on all media outlets.

Christina Mattern

Christina Mattern

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