Fracking Endgame, Part 2

“[The Natural Gas Industry] is looking for tax payers to fund a polluting piece of infrastructure that’s just going to wreak more havoc on an area that’s already very industrialized.”
“[Legislators] are looking for an immediate win.”
“The community voice is often overwhelmed by profit motives.”
“We need a national ban on fracking. Regulated fracking is a farce, it doesn’t work.”

Oakley Shelton-Thomas is a researcher at Food & Water Watch and lead author of the report “Fracking Endgame” which was released June third. We’re joined also by Alison Grass who is the Research Director for Food & Water Watch. Listen to part one here. This story was co-produced by HMM Correspondent Mark Dunlea.

Alexis Goldsmith

Alexis Goldsmith

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