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Podcasts: Environment & Sustainability

Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch Groundbreaking

Local officials were out in full force for Thursday afternoon’s groundbreaking at the Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch in North Central Troy.


Sheridan Hollow: the Struggle Continues

Community residents and climate activists continue to try to persuade Governor Cuomo to scrap his plans for a new fracked gas power plant…

PFOA Exposure Study

A health survey conducted by Bennington College and former environmental regulators found higher incidents of cancer in people exposed to PFOA in several local communities than had been estimated by the state Health Department.


David Borton: 8-21-18

Physicist and solar boat builder David Borton is back with another one of his segments “Equality under the Law: Practical Physics.”


David Borton: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Physicist and solar boat builder David Borton is back with another one of his segments “Equality under the Law: Practical Physics.”

NATURE Lab: Zsofia Szegletes

WOOC correspondents Julia Cavicchi and Traevon Vautrin sat down in the studio with Cornell student Zsofia Szegletes to discuss her research on rapid water quality testing methods.


David Borton: Navigation

Physicist and solar boat builder David Borton is back with another one of his segments “Equality under the Law: Practical Physics.”

Image of an architectural drawing of the future NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center

NATURE Lab: Community Design Thinktank

The Sanctuary for Independent Media recently held a meeting in North Central Troy to develop a plan for the NATURE Lab’s new home.

NATURE Lab: Floating Island Launch Party

WOOC correspondents Traevon Vautrin and Julia Cavicchi dispatched to the floating island launch party in Albany, to celebrate an environmental justice response to the long-standing issue of combined sewage overflows.

Krista Norris: Sailing the Clearwater

What if you could board a ship from the 1700s and sail up the Hudson River from New York City to Troy, all the while studying the river to learn about how to protect water?

NATURE Lab: Joe Fama

Next, I spoke with Joe Fama about the future home of the Nature Lab citizen science center, and the process of designing the space with architect Cameron Toler and the Uptown Summer youth program.


Dave Publow: AIM Pipeline

We get an update from WOOC’s own Dave Publow, who is on trial for a direct action he took part in on October 10th 2016 when he and others attempted to block the installation of the AIM pipeline next to the Indian Point Power Plant in Peekskill, NY.

CPV Power Plant

The CPV power plant in Orange County has been one of the most controversial in the state over the last six years.

Darlene Hunter: Uptown Summer

Today was the first day of uptown summer at the Sanctuary! During this summer youth employment program…

Judith Enck on Scott Pruitt

The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has resigned amid a growing number of scandals. Joining us is Poestenkill resident Judith Enck, the former Region 2 administrator under President Obama.

E.P.A. (Environmental Performance Agency) on Scott Pruitt

Ellie Irons is a Troy and Brooklyn based artist and activist whose work creates new ways for talking and thinking and acting in regards to the interconnection of human lives with other earth systems…

Photography: Jason Houston

NATURE Lab Correspondent Julia Cavicchi interviewed Jason Houston, a documentary photographer who focuses on social and environmental issues.

Albany Bicycle Coalition

Today we’re joined by Lorenz Worden, director of the ABC …

NATURELab: Brandon Keim

Brandon Keim, a freelance journalist and author of the newly released book “The Eye of the Sandpiper: Stories from the Living World”…

Guy Schaffer: Composting

Dr. Guy Schaffer, author, activist, and R.P.I. lecturer, joined WOOC to discuss his work at the crossroads of waste management and sociology.

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