Uptown Summer Week Three: Research, Awareness, and Deep Experiencing

The theme of Uptown Summer’s third week was awareness and it was all about collecting information, looking at things differently, and expanding our horizons.

We kicked things off with a visit to Soul Fire Farm. Soul Fire is an initiative developed to foster food sovereignty in …


The outpouring of support from this community helped us raise $32,584—we can now help build two new progressive radio stations for the Capital Region.

The Hudson Mohawk Radio Network is now live, test broadcasting on WOOA 106.9 FM Albany and WOOS 98.9 FM Schenectady. The FCC construction permits will

Good Days

Hello, I’m Laurie Schabile, a new volunteer at The Sanctuary.  I must say, though, I am receiving much more as a volunteer than I am giving.  I have met caring, kind, and generous people who all have something to offer, and willingly share their gifts.  For the time being most of my contribution has been …

Welcoming new Beginnings

Spring is in the air!  58 degrees, and the earth is starting to shed its heavy Winter blanket.  New beginnings are upon us!  I had the joy to welcome in a new volunteer group, and another independent volunteer.  Lots of energy and enthusiasm from all parties.  It feels like we are gaining momentum again for …

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I spent some time today talking to someone who lives in our neighborhood.  They said that they are so grateful to have the supports in the community.  Discussed how they don’t feel so well so much of the time, and just having things to look forward to is so important.  We then discussed volunteering.  They …

Tuesdays at the Sanctuary

I am volunteering in a local community to offer support in any way I can. Today  I came in to the wonderful smell of vegetable soup cooking!  One thing about this place there is always food, and good company.  The group is looking to create a community cookbook, and last week everyone tried their …

Teamwork and a lot of cement

I went to the Sanctuary for Independent Media last Wednesday to help out with the hoop house. People told me they needed assistance with pouring cement. I thought to myself, “This should be fun, I’ve never worked with cement before.” I did not know what to expect.

Students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Insitutes service …

Last Week Today

Hey all! I finished my first full week as an intern! Let’s overview some of the things that I did this past week as an intern. 

Tuesday: First day offically. Me and Branda talked about what my goals are as an intern which are learning about non-profit management, event coordinating, and video production. …

Today's Happenings

My first day as a sanctuary ninja went well. The energy was vibrant all day and everyone was here for one reason: Productivity. The day started with viewing YouTube videos on the mediasanctuary page giving me a quick review of the mission and what kind of events are hosted. We also viewed Jacob’s short animation …

Field Trip

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth Anderson, a junior Sustainability Studies major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  This semester, I’m not only interning at the Sanctuary, but I’m also taking a really cool class called “Food, Farms, and Famine”.  

In class, we are doing a Troy Community Food Assesment Project: Pilot Study.  It’s a fancy name …

Hello From the New Vista

So I’ve been the Development Coordinator at the Sanctuary for about three weeks now through the Digital Media Arts Service Corp Program. It is a part of the larger AmeriCorps program, but focuses on empowering people through technology. After so many years of being a volunteer here, it is great to be at the Sanctuary full time. Volunteering and working with so many of you has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much, and I am really excited to be able to increase my participation in the Sanctuary.

I remember when I decided to get involved with the Sanctuary, about five years ago now. I was a graduate student at the University at Albany and saw Hudson Mohawk Independent Media present “Indy Media in A Time of War.” I signed up for the mailing list and have been coming back ever since.

This year, I’m going to help build the financial stability of the Sanctuary and help ensure its place in the community for many years to come.

Back from Detroit!

What an exciting trip! Four of us from the Sanctuary just returned from the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this past weekend. It was great to meet like-minded people doing similar grassroots and community oriented media projects, spread the word about the Sanctuary, and see a slice of Detroit in all its building …

Make Way, Make Way

Hi everybody! My name’s Chris Murphy, and I’m the newest intern at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, New York. I’ve spent three long years at the Niskayuna High School (is the name Niskayuna too hard to remember? Just think, “Frisky Tuna”), but in order to finish my fourth year with flying colors I …

Let's Get Nautical

Ahoy reader of my words,

Welcome to the Sanctuary world at the conclusion of my second week here.

During the week, I worked on the media distribution list for the free jazz project, watched another jazz video, and installed lights in the gallery upstairs.

Thursday was our second ‘Kiss …

Sanctuary Low-down #2

Greetings blog reader,

The following rant will give you the low-down on what happened in the Sanctuary world this week.

Firstly, let me tell you about the lunchtime routine at the Sanctuary.

Basically, there’s a roster where everyone takes turns making lunch during the week. The lunches are usually …

The Em-ericanization of Emily

Harro person reading my blurb.

I’m Emily and I’m volunteering at the Sanctuary this semester. I’ll mainly be working on the Free Jazz project, digital storytelling and helping to shoot events – and will be documenting all of it on this blogging device.

In a nutshell, I’m …

Americorps VISTA WEEK 4: "Digital Arts Service Corps" hits NYC!

Here’s photos of our new Americorps VISTA staff, Nicole Belanger and Chris Gang, during their trip to N.Y.C.

First, an early morning visit to Downtown Community Video and the live broadcast of Democracy Now!




and then, on to …

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